Nature Retreat

About Us

Shuktara Nature Retreat is a cozy, eco-friendly, leisure and activity retreat located on hills next to Khadim/Burjan tea estates in the north eastern tip of Bangladesh. The retreat is developed by the Murad family who has never formally been part of the hospitality industry but is widely known among their circle of friends and family as being great hosts for opening up their home, earning it the much adored name of ‘Muradia Hotel’.

At Shuktara we love adventure and nature. Our guests can relax on hammocks around the retreat with a book in their hand in the various gardens and sit-outs, go bicycling in the surrounding wilderness or take a hike into the tea estates or The Khadim National Park. Children can run around or play badminton, football, cricket and other sports on the grounds, and enjoy looking at the dragonflies, butterflies and fireflies around the hills.  Guests can also go boating and swimming on the clear blue Shari river in Lallakhal and the Pi-ain river in Jafflong, besides other site-seeing activities that can be tailor made to their preferences.

As is our motto, we would like to promote art and culture in Bangladesh, and have the good fortune of having on display, two sculptures done by Alak Roy, an internationally renowned sculptor. Majority of our paintings are the work of young Bangladeshi artists and some collected by the owners during their travels. At Shuktara, we believe in serving people like they are our house guests; our employees are therefore appointed based on that attitude so the Shuktara team is engaged in providing the best possible service for a memorable stay here.

The name Shuktara in translation means “Happy Star” and in reality the “North Star” or guiding star, but we have derived it by conjoining the nick-names of both the owners’ fathers’ “Shuku” and “Tara”. Therefore the name “SHUKTARA”

We look forward to seeing you at Shuktara Nature Retreat.